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Deadline of Secret Santa links is coming~ But if people still need time, then I am extending until January 7 ONLY. After that, comes the New Year. :3

Merry Christmas~

And well yeah, some people were noting me their secret santa links and sorry if i haven't been here. Well, you know. Busy with christmas preparations and stuff. So now, I will be posting the noted links and pictures so hopefully people will be done by January 5 as only a handful of people have been noting me.

But as of December 26 onwards, you are free to post the name and the picture and also send the link to the deviant you are giving to, but of course note me and i will put the link to this journal so everyone can see the wonderful gifts you made :3 This IS an exposure group after all.

Format of how I typed it if you are confused: (Secret Santa) of (Reciever) - (Gift)



1. :iconsandiest-cupid:, secret santa of :iconryuko-no: - Gift

2. :iconnicolasraine: -

3. :iconkazbob: -

4. :iconmiyuki-darkstar: -

5. :iconkhyddinamaani:, secret santa of :icontubby99: - Gift

6. :iconlovethehorse:, secret santa of :iconyuulyn: - Gift
7. :icontotalimmortal220:, secret santa of :iconjo-walter14: - Gift

8. :iconsparrowmouse:, secret santa of :iconnicolasraine: - Gift

9. :iconoverlordgirgy:, secret santa of :iconsaneasiam98: - (Gift)

10. :iconyuulyn:, secret santa of :icondinoblood: - (Gift)

11. :iconchocobunn:, secret santa of :icongothrock9: - (Gift)
12. :iconn1ght1ng4l3:

13. :icon102vvv:

14. :icontehchibipanda:, secret santa of :iconmonicajass7: - (Gift)

15. :iconsylvano-dragon:, secret santa of :iconchocobunn: - (Gift)

16. :iconryuko-no:, secret santa of :iconsparrowmouse: - (Gift)

17. :iconmonicajass7:, secret santa of :iconartfanatic8503: -  (Gift)

18. :iconnezure:

19. :iconsierrasweet:

20. :icononirique7:, secret santa of :iconsandiest-cupid: -  (Gift)

21. :iconsuspirias:

22. :icondinoblood:

23. :icongossamier:, secret santa of :iconoverlordgirgy: - (Gift)

24. :icontubby99:, secret santa of :iconsierrasweet: - (Gift)

25. :icongothrock9:

26. :iconjo-walter14:

27. :iconsaneasiam98:, secret santa of :iconlovethehorse: - (Gift)  

28. :iconartfanatic8503:, secret santa of :icononirique7: - (Gift)

29. :icontheicedwolf:

Time of the year people. Guess what, let's have another secret Santa~ It's a great way to be able to give a gift to someone and also be exposed too~ This is basically what we do right? Here are a few things you must know.


- Anyone can sign up. But the signing up will be until December 15 only.
- December 16 - 18 will be the assigning of random secret santas, via note.
- Deadline for the gift will be until December 25 or if another deadline is needed, until January 5.
- If you are signing up, you must post in the comments also what you can do so we can post for the others to see, may it be traditional, photography, digital or whatever medium you use.


Now, if you are signed up what do you do next?

1. First, make a wishlist in your journal then post that link in the comments of this journal, with references provided. Be specific as possible.

2. You will be noted who will you give a drawing gift to once we see your posted link of your wishlist in this journal's comments.

3. Once you are given the deviant you will be giving a gift to, you must have the title "Secret Santa: ___" of your gift to distinguish it.

4. Include the name of the deviant you will be given to in your gift comments or title.

5. Have fun. :3


Now, everyone who wish to join, just post in the comments~ Feel free to ask questions of course. ^^



1. :iconsandiest-cupid: - (Wishlist)  Medium:  digital drawings. style: anime & semi-realism

2. :iconnicolasraine: - (Wishlist) Medium: Traditional/Graphite

3. :iconkazbob: - (Wishlist) Medium: digital or traditional, manga/anime style and  semi-realism

4. :iconmiyuki-darkstar: - (Wishlist) Medium: Strictly Traditional, manga/ anime style. Sometimes realism

5. :iconkhyddinamaani: (Wishlist) Medium: Digital, anime or cartoon style

6. :iconlovethehorse: (Wishlist) Medium: Traditional or Digital Style: Realism

7. :icontotalimmortal220: (Wishlist) Medium: Digital, manga/anime style

8. :iconsparrowmouse: (Wishlist) Medium: Digital

9. :iconoverlordgirgy: (Wishlist) Medium: Digital, Anime/Chibi style

10. :iconyuulyn: (Wishlist) Medium: digital/traditional drawings, Anime style

11. :iconchocobunn: (Wishlist) Medium: Digital/traditional, anime/chibi

12. :iconn1ght1ng4l3: (Wishlist) Medium: digital/traditional, anime/chibi, cartoon, semi realism.

13. :icon102vvv: (Wishlist) Medium: digital, anime style

14. :icontehchibipanda: (Wishlist) Medium: digital,  anime/manga and slight realism

15. :iconsylvano-dragon: (Wishlist) Medium: Writing/Poetry, descriptive, emotion-centered: angsty or fluffy or Traditional, manga, semi-realistic

16. :iconryuko-no: (Wishlist) Medium: Digital/Traditional, Anime, cartoon and a bit of semi-realism

17. :iconmonicajass7: (Wishlist) Medium: traditional/anime-manga style

18. :iconnezure: (Wishlist) Medium: traditional and digital art: can be mixed, semi-realistic cartoon style. Does Collages

19. :iconsierrasweet: (Wishlist) Medium: traditional, anthro, animals, humans in semi-realism style and cartoon.

20. :icononirique7: (Wishlist) Medium: traditional Art/ manga and semi realistic style

21. :iconsuspirias: (Wishlist) Medium: digital art, mostly realistic animals but can also do people and fantasy stuff

22. :icondinoblood: (Wishlist) Medium: Chibi, mostly manga/anime style, and a little realism. Digital/Traditional

23. :icongossamier: (Wishlist) Medium: Digital

24. :icontubby99: (Wishlist) Medium: traditional art, fantasy creatures

25. :icongothrock9: (Wishlist) Medium:

26. :iconjo-walter14: (Wishlist) Medium: Photography, Digital art fan art and sketching

27. :iconsaneasiam98: (Wishlist) Medium: traditional art, Semi-realistic cartoon, realistic

28. :iconartfanatic8503: (Wishlist) Medium:

29. :icontheicedwolf: (Wishlist) Medium: Traditional (most of the time) but dabbles on Digital occasionally.

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